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(formerly Wuxi Little Swan Building Machinery Factory) is Located close-by beautiful Tai Hu Lack.We are a highly capable team under the leadership of first-rate experts,In addition...<<More

New Year and New Weather
On February 4, the eighth day of the first month, Little Swan Construction Machinery started. The general manager Mr. Li Xuequn went to the wind power industrial park factory and Huiqian Road factory to give you a New Year greeting. The employees came to the rest area and meeting room to chat about the activities, experiences and interesting news of the Spring Festival.
2017 Rooster Auspicious Association
On January 23, 2017, although it was a low-temperature climate of minus five degrees, the sun was shining warmly. In the Muchun Hall of Debao Hotel next to Wu Culture Park, there was even more laughter and laughter. Atmosphere, the auspicious association of Little Swan Mechanical Rooster Year kicked off here. This fraternity meeting was chaired by Gao Guiyuan, the executive vice president of the company. Mr. Gao said that the annual fraternity meeting will meet you again. Welcome everyone, and today everyone is here to celebrate the New Year. The fraternity meeting is divided into four links, leadership speeches, employee meals, lottery draws and red envelopes, and the president ’s New Year greetings.
Our company went to Huishan Secondary Professional School in Jiangsu Province for recruitment
With the continuous development of the business, the company's demand for talents in all aspects has increased, and the production line of skilled workers also needs to be expanded and improved, which is an important guarantee for product quality. The graduates of Huishan Secondary Specialized School in Jiangsu Province have been well-known in the surrounding areas of Wuxi, with a thirsty for talents. On November 14, the company's general manager Li Xuequn, deputy general manager Zhang Jianong and his party came to Jiangsu Province, located in Huishan Vocational Education Park Huishan Secondary Specialized School, participated in the "2016 Internship and Employment Fair".
Fighting the cold winter, welcoming the new spring-Little Swan Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. held 2016 New Year's group
On February 4th, coincided with the Lunar New Year, all the employees of Little Swan Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. gathered together and held an annual Spring Festival group meeting in the Wuxi National Wind Power Park Business Center. "Grow a millet in spring and harvest ten thousand seeds in autumn." After a year of hard work, I have harvested abundant fruits. Chairman Li Shisheng summarized 2015 and looking forward to 2016, proposed a new development goal with the theme of "quality and innovation". Toasting together, looking forward to the future, laughter, warm and festive atmosphere put a successful end to the year's work. On February 5, the company began to take long vacations, and the employees will embark on a return journey to reunite with their loved ones and spend the Spring Festival together.

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