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Add:55Huiqian Road,Wuxi Jiangsu

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Company Profile

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Wuxi little swan building machinery Co.,Ltd.
(formerly Wuxi Little Swan Building Machinery Factory) is Located close-by beautiful Tai Hu Lack.We are a highly capable team under the leadership of first-rate experts,in addition, we also have established a leading design institute,manufacturing center and inspection center.Ever since developing the first Little Swan suspension platform in cooperation with the Chinese Building Machinery Research Institute In the early 1990s,We have been famous for our advanced technology,guaranteed quality and excellent service.Through unremitting efforts,our company has opened up market after market with the famous Little Swan brand.We also have other brand"Tian AI",established our-selves as the dominant susupension platform manufacturer.
By the untiring effort of the whole staff,Little Swan.Tian Ai has developed three series and more than thirty varieties of suspension platforms after 20 years development and innovation.More notable,we can custom make products based customers special specifications, which genuinely demonstrate the unique advantage of our integrating design,manufacture and installation.So far,we are able to satisfy,the installation of stairwell,the building of large-scale tanks,tall chimneys,television towers and large bridges and so on.In addition,our elevator and safety lock have won various patents in china.So far,we also develpment new model builder hoist,intellective suspension platforms and so on.
Our company has always deemed it its duty to 100% satisfy our customers requirements.In the fierce market competition,Little Swan.Tian Ai suspension platforms sales kept soaring by virtue of its reliable product quality and comprehensive service,with its market share ranked among the top in China for years.Currently,our products are sold to all over China and internationally to Germany,Russia,Ukraine,Kazakhstan,UAE,Qatar,Kuwait, India,Indonesia,Vietnam and other countries.We also have forged long-term working relationships with these countries in many areas such as technology,sale and service.New breakthroughs were achieved continuousiy in nacelle exports.
Always striving for improvement,the staff of Little Swan will tirelessly pursue innovation and scientific management,and strive for more achievements together .