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1992 and the China Architectural Design Institute issued ZLP series of high-level construction basket, becoming the earliest production of high-level building basket one of the manufacturers.
1997 in the basket industry took the lead through the ISO9000 quality system certification joint open.
2001 in the "National CAD Application Project" in the overall project through the national acceptance, and was named the "Ninth Five-Year" period of major scientific and technological achievements. My company was identified as "national CAD application engineering national demonstration enterprises."
December 2011 by the Ministry of Housing and Urban and Rural Development Science and Technology Development Center to assess the Little Swan "building exterior insulation construction multi-functional operating platform" project as a national construction industry in 2011 to promote scientific and technological achievements projects; ZLP1000A basket items listed as The construction industry of the national construction industry - construction scaffolding special science and technology achievements to promote the project.
In 2014, the company cooperated with Dürr of Germany to develop a chain tower lift and was launched at the Beijing Wind Energy Exhibition in October. The concept of maintenance for 20 years attracted the attention of the majority of our colleagues. With the Beijing Institute of Construction Mechanization, China Construction Science Research Institute of Construction Mechanization Research Branch cooperation, in November of that year's Shanghai BMW show launched on the guide frame climbing platform - this is the "National Eleventh Five-Year key scientific and technological projects" results.