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company culture

company culture

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This is an era of competition and business operation is a matter of survival to any enterprise. Business operation is a systematic project which requires culture content. Little Swan has formed our own business philosophy and agglomerated the business concept in practice. 
一、“System First, General Manager Second, Motivation Third” 
1. An enterprise cannot choose the macro system, but can only observe and use the system to protect itself  
2. Working within the mandate of the board of directors, the general manager must be an expert who can manage other experts well under the changing conditions and be a leader who can manage a team well, so that the general manager can create an organization with a more active attitude in making response and creatively complete the tasks assigned by the board of directors. The general manager must be willing to take responsibility, especially the commitment to error, so as to enhance reputation and help self-improvement and self-transcendence.  
3. The micro system of the enterprise is to be established by the general manager and must reflect the spirit of being fair, just and open. The system must treat everyone in the same way and the general manager is the first person to implement the system.  
4. The enterprise system must adapt to enterprise development, because it can affect the nature of the enterprise and talent. It must constantly innovate, adapt to the new economy and promote CRP (Resource Planning), CRM (customer relationship management), SCM (supply chain management) and SAP (management software). It must manage business process well and promote operation of the enterprise in new platforms.  
5. The imperative matter for innovation is to “return to fundamentals” to do well-known basic work well, but not just be interested in changeful modern tools and methods such as computers and mathematical models. At the meantime, network technology shall be used to improve management.  
6. The general manager must be clear of beliefs, ideals and purpose; set an example for the staff; have in-depth on-site communicate with staff to combine forces; adjust staff’s changes in aspects of concept, psychology and morality; explore, free, guide and improve people’s potential, so as to form sense of direction, mission and pride among the staff.  
7. System comes from learning and accumulation. All great systems shall become staff’s actions, but not to be implemented through overpowering staff.  
8. Motivation shall come in both material and spiritual ways. Scientific staff who make outstanding contributions and people who offer major reasonable proposals shall be rewarded appropriately; while people who bear responsibility for mistakes must also be punished appropriately. 
9. In these days covered with network, the most valuable resource of an enterprise is talent (not just a few top-notch talent or a small number of backbones and leaders, but the majority of ordinary employees working in the frontline), but not capital and equipment. 10. The best reward and recognition for employees is that their values are the same with the company value and can be fully reflected in the company’s operation. 
II. First-rate enterprises make standards; second-rate enterprises build up brands; third-rate enterprises manufacture products. 
  1. Famous brand is the pursuit of enterprises, but it does not come from nowhere.
2. Famous brand is a national brand, half of which is culture. Famous brand is the fruit of excellent culture and these two merge and mutually promote each other. Many customers start by knowing the culture of Little Swan, and then further know Little Swan company and products.  
 3. The basis of a famous brand is the quality. Winning the recognition of customers and the market with 5000 times of operation without failure, Little Swan enjoys great reputation and market share in the market and starts to step into the line of famous brands. At present, Little Swan has obtained the efficiency and style of a famous brand.
  4. Though Little Swan accounts for 5% of the world washing machine market, but there are still aspects for improvement or even barriers for Little Swan to become a world famous brand. For example, Little Swan needs to pass UL standard to enter American market and GE certification to enter European market. Currently, Little Swan only has the right to participate in the establishment of standards for Chinese washing machines, so we can say Little Swan becomes a world famous brand only when it can participate in the establishment of standards for world-level washing machines or even more products.
  5. The personality of Little Swan is irreplaceable, which makes it the property and patent of Little Swan. Little Swan can be likely to become a “first-class” “top” famous brand when the company culture can accelerate the innovation.