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Basket rental

Basket rental

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Leasing introduction:Our company has nearly 20 years of experience in design, manufacturing, leasing and service, with experienced construction team, set up leasing branch or leasing network, can really solve the needs of customers to use a variety of basket to ensure the safety of customers.

Engineering examples:

Suzhou Jinhe Square                   Suzhou Jinhe Apartment               Nanjing World Trade Center    

Suzhou State Grid Testing Center           Nanjing Liuhe Chemical Industry Park           Nanjing Qingao Village Primary School  

Zhangjiagang Huajian Building                 Wuxi Association letter center 

Nanjing Wanda Plaza                   Nanjing high iron station               Nanjing Deying Square

Tangshan Wanda Plaza                   Tangshan Procuratorate Building             Tangshan Court Building

Wuxi Third People 's Hospital             Wuxi Tianyuan family and so on


Leasing advice:   

Nanjing Shing Sheng Construction Machinery Leasing Co., Ltd

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Wuxi Little Swan Construction Machinery Co., Ltd

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Is to recruit the basket to install demolition workers, work experience is preferred, a monthly salary of 3500, the details of the interview

Have the intention to contact Mr. Huang 18915292368