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2020-04-28 15:06:00
Little Swan Cradle Knowledge 24: What is the security lock check cycle?
To ensure personal and equipment safety, security lock check cycle is 12 months. This is clearly defined by the state and industry, with legal and regulatory significance. Can be commissioned by the local safety inspection agencies, but also commissioned my company on behalf of the detection and calibration.
2020-04-28 15:06:00
Little Swan Cradle Knowledge 23: What is a single-phase lift basket?
Single-phase motor drive hoist running basket that single-phase basket. Single-phase basket to take power conditions, wide range of applications, no three-phase power supply area can give full play to its advantages. Another, the current use of the environment, pay attention to brand image, to enhance the speed of more stringent requirements [can be multi-stage speed, start, stop the need for smooth] the basket to take frequency control or modular control.
2020-04-28 15:05:00
Little Swan Cradle Knowledge 22: What is the role of the trip switch?
The trip switch is a safe operation of the basket, can effectively prevent the basket during the operation of the roof and fall to the ground, play a security role. Part of the basket also installed limit switch, improve the safety factor. Well (pit) type basket also with anti-work wire rope off (travel) switch.
2020-04-28 15:05:00
Little Swan Cradle Knowledge 21: Safety Lock (Centrifugal, Anti-Tilt) What are the main technical parameters of the broken rope test?
1, the simulation platform free fall when the security lock to hold the taxi length (length tester);

2, broken rope when the security lock by the impact of the moment (impact tester);

3, the main parts of the deformation of wear and tear (material, heat treatment).
2020-04-28 15:04:00
Little Swan Cradle Knowledge 20: Which parts of the hoist consists of?
1, drive four pieces, worm, worm gear, gear shaft, with slotted tooth plate.

2, pressure rope institutions, lanyards, access to the rope and mouth, all kinds of seals, bearings.

3, box, cover, cover.

4, with brake motor, centrifugal speed limiter.
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